Our Approach

We build the capacity of Individuals, Businesses and Churches by offering specialised support through our centres of excellence- our capacity building units:

  • Capacity Building Unit for Individuals (CUI) - This capacity building unit seeks to empower individuals with essential knowledge and skills to help them achieve high performance, while living purposeful and impactful lives

  • Capacity Building Unit for Businesses (CUB) - This capacity building unit seeks to support Christians in business whether they are taking their first steps into business or are already in business; to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit as well as equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills to operate effectively in the market place and grow their businesses.

  • Capacity Building Unit for Churches (CUC) - This capacity-building unit seeks to strengthen and reinforce the governance and financial management capacity of evangelical churches to increase their ability to achieve their objective and deliver benefit to the public.

Life Solutions also offers a platform to its members to maximise their potential, use their talents and contribute from their experience via the blogs, articles, case studies, inspirational thoughts, testimonials etc.