If you have a strong desire to fulfil your God ordained purpose, to release your potential and re-shape your world then why not consider being a member of Life Solutions Inc. Your contribution will help transform the lives of individuals and families, and bring about the restoration of communities and nations. Join Life Solutions today!


What are we offering to members?

  • Practical solutions and opportunity for personal and spiritual development
  • A platform to network with like-minded individuals, share ideas, experiences, testimonies, skills and information.
  • The opportunity to contribute to discussion forums, blogs and articles on various topics relevant to the Christian faith, the individual and his or her impact on society.
  • Join a community of people of faith who are passionate to see the world they live in positively impacted by the WORD of God.
  • Value for money conferences and seminars
  • Opportunity for kingdom service as you join us fulfil this God ordained vision by offering your time, knowledge, expertise as well as financial resources.

Three levels of membership are available, all of which are free but offer different levels of involvement:


1. General membership
General membership is achieved by subscribing online to Life Solutions Inc via the website, or indirectly by following us on Twitter / joining our group on Facebook. General members will have the opportunity to actively engage with the different Life Solutions Inc platforms, receive our articles, access our tools and guides. Become a general member.

2. Life Solutions Inc Associates
Associates are people identified and approached by Life Solutions Core leadership based on the recognition their expertise or their contribution shown through the depth and volume of participation as general members. Associates will have the opportunity to work alongside the Management Committee and be part of one of the implementing committees. Become an associate.

3. Life Solutions Inc Contributors
Our partners are men and women that support Life Solutions’ mission and goals, and as co-labourers in the kingdom have decided to partner with Life Solutions Inc by contributing articles, facilitating workshops/seminar, developing relevant tools. Our Contributors bring a wealth of experience and expertise from their diverse leadership roles in various fields, and also act as ambassadors for Life Solutions Inc, in helping raise public awareness. Become a contributor.