Your Finances

Money is a convertible resource that is exchanged in a commercial transaction to acquire goods, services, recognition, status, fame among other things. Money can either be a master or a servant; it can be used to achieve some amazing improvements in the lives of human beings, and yet at the same time it is often the cause of immense suffering, bloodshed, wars, family break-ups, corruption and the like. It all depends on the person who controls it and on his or her mindset.

Contrary to what most people believe, God is interested in money. In fact, God knows that the availability or the lack of money can help us or hinder us from achieving His purpose for our lives. In Psalm 35 v 27, God makes it clear that He delights in the prosperity of His servants. He also reminds us in Deuteronomy 8 v 18 that He is the One who gives us the ability to create wealth, so that He can establish His covenant with us. Finally, in Isaiah 48 v 17, He tells us that He will teach us how to profit and lead us in the way we must go. Wow! What an offer this is, to have God as our Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager.

Like so many other key areas of human existence, most people have little or no knowledge of how money works, its purpose, how to create it, and how to manage it. To take charge of our finances, there are a variety of practical and spiritual things we need to do, the first being to get the right knowledge. Like Gary Kessee said “What you don’t know will destroy you financially”. The first thing to understand is that both poverty and prosperity have a lot to do with your mindset. Change your way of thinking and you will change your results. We then need to work on our behaviours and habits; take responsibility by planning our finances, controlling our spending, avoiding debt at any cost, minimising waste, making tax efficient choices, changing our financial priorities, building up savings and making wise investments. To paraphrase Joe McGee if you do not know how much you earn, own, owe and where it goes, you are more likely to walk in fear than in faith. It is however critical that we understand kingdom principles for attaining financial success and apply them by practicing the covenant.

At Life Solutions Inc we explore the steps a person can take to better understand how money works and how to better manage their finances. Through our articles, case studies, blogs and events we offer solutions that include looking at the mindsets, the habits and practices required to achieve financial success and to positively impact our generation. If you are interested in finding out more please follow our programmes and read our materials. Alternatively, you may Contact Us.