Your Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness involves the process of self development and self growth that leads to a person’s ability to influence and add value to others. Simply put, personal effectiveness describes the concept of successful development of our leadership potential - a latent gift that is present in every human being.

Primarily, we cannot aspire or attempt to lead others if we are not successful in leading ourselves. Apostle Paul explained that a leader must be able to rule himself and family, otherwise he or she would not be able to offer any form of effective leadership to others (1 Tim 3 v 2-5 paraphrased). We must therefore set aside time and put in the necessary effort to grow into the person we desire to be, otherwise we will not reach our potential. In the words of Zig Ziglar “You are designed for success, engineered for achievement, endowed with the seeds of greatness”. However a lifetime commitment to personal growth is fundamental to a person's effectiveness.

Secondly, the main purpose of growing our strengths and fine tuning our gifts is to add value to others. According to Bishop David Oyedepo “Leadership is about making an outstanding contribution and not about occupying a position”. John C Maxwell asserts that "Everything rises and falls on leadership". The view that people are born leaders and that leadership is only about CHARISMA is really a myth. Leadership is really about INFLUENCE. Anybody can learn and grow into becoming a leader because leadership is developed through a lifelong process of learning, training, self development and experience.

Thirdly, our effectiveness in managing the key relationships in our lives or what is often referred we can refer to as our inner circle, will determine the extent of our influence. When we have earned the respect and admiration of those who know us best, then we can be sure that we have truly become a success. Great things can only be achieved when we work with and through other people. Therefore to achieve an impactful life it is vital that we develop critical skills around communicating effectively, building trust, developing others, managing conflict, and emotional intelligence, just to mention a few.

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