ARTICLE No1 Your true identity - Made in God's Likeness

I was walking down the streets of New York with a colleague on a early spring day and probably walked past thousands of people all going about their business. After sitting down to an outdoor lunch with about 200 other people celebrating the end of winter, I could not but look around and wondered who these people were. I began a process of deep reflection about whether each person sitting around me realized who they were, where they came from and where they were going to. This reminded me of Jesus' statement in John 8 to the religious leaders of His time - “...For I know where I came from and where I am going, but you don't know this about me.” This was in response to the religious leaders' claim that he could not testify about himself because it wouldn't be valid. I imagined that if I were to interview every person sitting around me and asked two questions - Who are you? Where are you going to? - what will be the nature of responses I will get? Our world is full of such unfortunates who are wrongly matched in life to what is very far from their makers' purpose.

We have often heard the statement “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” and have come to accept it as a truism in almost every sphere of human existence. Nothing is as unfortunate as when we are ignorant of the real reason for a thing. It often leads to multiple misconceptions and contraptions of purpose by the user based on their environment, culture, religion, and even preferences. Especially when the origin of a thing becomes very subjected to theories and ideas, we often formulate our conclusions on which concept is dominant. However, there remains the inarguable fact that everything we see that is created has its origin first in the mind of someone before it became tangible. If we know this fact for items we use in our everyday life, then we must not shy away from considering weightier thoughts on the origin and purpose of men. Every moving human is a complex design that it would be nothing short of an insult to suggest that such came as a result of explosive activity. An accident could not have produced this dominating organism that has constantly forged new vistas for life. 

So the question comes back to each one and all. Who are you and where are you going? How would you answer the question and be confident that you are an exponent of the truth? You see Jesus spoke with such intimidating and annoying confidence to the religions leaders because He was certain of His origin and what His purpose was. This is why He was never trying to guess or confused at any time, neither was He manipulable by the opinions of others about Him. He knew with much certainty what His role was and when that was to be ended. Every time I study Jesus, I am amazed at the authority with which He spoke and projected new thinking without even referencing evidences from the past. He knew His source therefore He could flaunt its properties without apprehension or the fear of mistakes; and yet He was also human. At one point the disciples, who had so far been thoroughly amazed at this man, experienced a new dimension of Him when He calmed the raging storm. This was another level of function, and they had to ask themselves, “who is this that even the winds obey him?”

Jesus' life is very instructive to all men if we will live the total and fulfilling life. His impact on earth is a testament to the power of His identity and purpose. There was no mistaking about it. More important is to note that if we do not display the same level of influence on the earth, it may be because we are still yet to realize who we truly are and what role we are to perform. Study the progression of your life for a moment and check to see how many times you have stopped to question if what you were doing was in line with the purpose and plan of your maker. Would I be wrong to say that we all rarely abbreviated our living to this end? We live out our lives according to the rules that have been set down by men, straining and toiling and measuring our successes and accomplishments by what others have done for themselves. When we do not meet up, we consider ourselves failures. We weigh our worth in fleeting descriptions of the anatomy of the human body, and this sets in motion the desire to perfect our own expressions of it. We care more about what the created thinks about us than what the Creator thinks. This is the one big crisis of humanity today; because we do not know our heritage and our destination, we spend time in the present in rivalry and hot contentions with everyone else.

I challenge you to stop for a bit and think carefully. Look at yourself and ask those two important questions. This will begin an amazing and exciting journey of self-discovery. But let me hint you on some of what you will encounter on your journey. First, you will find out that you are not a mistake of science, or the fall out of some interplanetary experiment. Your very features and function were the result of a careful thought and intention. You were made in the image and likeness of the creator of all things. He made nothing else look like Him but you, and that speaks volumes. It means also that he placed you right on the top of all the things He created, not just because you look like Him, but also because you possess His likeness. So looking like Him speaks to your identity, and being of His likeness speaks to your purpose. It is from this understanding that your life on earth should flow and the very essence of your being be constructed.  It is so exciting to know that we are not without real identities and purpose, the only challenge is that this has to be discovered.

You see it is easier to read the above and shrug your shoulders to its reality and continue life as usual. The problem with that attitude is that you will die ignorant of what your true worth is. The difference between the ordinary man and the extraordinary one is the information that the latter has accessed, which the former has no idea about. The Pharisees were so ignorant to the point that they didn't even know they were. This is why they reduced their whole engagements with Jesus to personality fights. But the moment you walk into your real identity, you rise above every opposing wind of earthly constrains. Your mind gets clearer, your desires get refined, and your choices become indicative of a higher call. True joy will grip your heart because you will come into harmony with your Maker. 

Written by Reginald Bassey

We hope you have enjoyed this article. We leave you with this quote and till we come your way again know that You are blessed:

You matter to your generation by divine design so don't live to make a living rather LIVE YOUR MAKING~ Pastor David Oyedepo


Introduction - Your true Identity

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~ Dr. Seuss

Dear Friend,

So many of the problems people face in life are rooted in identity issues.  Our identity is very important  as it defines who we are and gives us a sense of worth and belonging. Contrary to what the Branding and Fashion Industry tell us true identity can only be discovered not created.  The journey of life is all about discovering " Who am I really", "Why  am I here" and "What can I do". These questions don't tell us the whole picture we still have to address the questions "Where am I from and Where will I go from here?" Myles Munroe calls them the 5 primary questions every human being asks themselves.

Michael S Gazzaniga said "Although at times we all wonder, “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of my life?” these questions of individual purpose arise from a larger crisis of identity." How true this statement is. We all have at one time or another battled with  insecurities, lack of confidence, feelings of low self esteem. These often stem from the experiences we have had with someone who has exerted some influence over us. Some have experienced rejection from a parent, spouse, friend classmate who they were emotionally attached to and whose opinion of themselves they valued. This could take the form of hurtful words or actions or both. Others have experienced abandonment by a spouse/parent who walked away from home, someone who was given up for adoption. Some have endured abusive relationships- verbal, physical or sexual which has caused them to question their worth and even believe they deserved what happened to them. Although all these circumstances are very different they all have a similar effect of eroding our self worth and belief in ourselves. 

The strategies we use to deal with these situations can vary from always wanting to fit in and being a people pleaser, to the other extreme of rebelling and fighting against people's opinion.  In the middle you will have those people who unconsciously begin to accept the labels others have given them; or conversely those who identify someone they like and begin to try and copy or compete with them. Joyce Meyer  who experienced verbal, physical and sexual abuse challenges us by saying   “God will help you be all you can be — all you were originally designed to be. But He will never permit you to be successful at becoming someone else.”

Welcome to Life Solutions Inc. We are so excited about what God is set to do in your life this month. Please join us as we explore an important subject - You and your true identity. Over the next two months we will be focusing on the Identity question - Who am I?

We leave you with this thought:

The world saw a murderer in Moses but God a saw a deliverer, David's family saw a useless shepherd boy, but God saw a king, men of the city saw a prostitute in Rahab but God saw the paternal grandmother of Jesus, the early Christian saw some who had committed genocide in Saul but God saw an Apostle, the writer of 20% of the books of the bible. Irrespective of what you have done and what the world calls you, our question to you is WHO DOES GOD SAY YOU ARE?


Live the abundant life,


Begay Jabang